Main settings
- Possibility to choose the main page template.
By default - old version of the standard template.
Selects - option with selections.
Icons - option with icons.
Universal - a new template adapted for all devices.
With form - version of the new template with a calculator and form (1+2 exchange steps).
- Sorting - sorting rules in the Transactions section.
- Default payment system values - these 2 systems will be selected on the site by default.
Works only in the Home simplified template.
- Default exchange amount - automatically entered in the Give field on the second step of the exchange (filling in the data in the form).
- Automatic replenishment of incoming currency stock - if this option is enabled, the incoming currency stock will be replenished by the exchange amount after the exchange is completed.
- Choice of directions at the second step - enables the option to choose the direction at the second step of the order processing.
- Transition through the exchange steps without reloading pages - enables the option of smooth transition through the steps of order placement. 
- Auto rate update in calculator - timer of rate update in the exchange amount calculator (step 2) without page reloading. Update frequency in seconds. 0 - do not update.
- Currency filters - list of currency filters for the main page (only in the "Universal" and "With Form" templates). Leave blank to not use filters.
- Output transaction status check in block - output the possibility to check the transaction status.
- Output block Monitoring - output a link to the export file for monitoring
- Output the Just exchanged block - output the most recently completed transactions
- Output reserves in block - output reserves of all active systems.
- Allow reserve request - this option is available if the Output reserves option is enabled.
- Use discounts - see the section: Discounts and accumulative discounts.
- Use accumulative discounts - see the section: Discounts and accumulative discounts.
- Show system commission - displays in the calculator (second step) the commission of the payment system (outgoing commission of the system).
- Show exchangers commission - displays the exchangers commission in the calculator (second step).
- Use affiliate program - see section: Affiliate program.
- Notifications about failures to receive rates.
- Text of the agreement - the text of the exchangers agreement. Step 3 of the application form. You can use HTML tags.
- SMS notifications - send SMS notification to the entered mobile number. Number not entered - the option is disabled.
To enable the option, you need to configure SMS integrator beforehand
- Send SMS for types - a separate setting that defines for which types of exchanges to send SMS.
Charge users for SMS - see section: Transactions - SMS sent to users.

Feedback settings
- Enable testimonials - enable or disable the output of testimonials and the ability to add them.
- Display testimonials in a block - enable displaying the block of testimonials. The block is on the right side of all pages of the module.
- Allow adding reviews to groups - select groups of users that are allowed to add reviews.
- Moderation of reviews - available: Inherit group settings, Enable and Disable. 
Inherit group settings corresponds to the Moderate added information field in the group settings
- Limit the number of characters in the content of the review.

Notification settings
Notifications for users about rate changes and completed exchanges.
You can disable this option and customize the output: bottom left or bottom right.


You can order the program only from your personal cabinet. After Registration go to the tab Order.

The balance is topped up from your personal cabinet. After Registration go to the tab Finance - Top up. Choose a payment system that is convenient for you and top up your balance by following the instructions.

Immediately after ordering and payment the manager starts processing your order. Order processing takes some time (from 20 minutes to 2 hours). You will receive a notification and all necessary data on the system private messages.

The source codes of the exchanger module are 100% open (not related to the program core).
The program core files are partially encrypted (licence check).
The source codes of the payment system processing APIs are 100% open.

Of course we take individual orders.
Describe your wishes in detail in the TOR (Terms of Reference).
The cost of work is determined based on your TOR.
The cost of work is negotiable. We will discuss and agree.
Any questions of individual orders contact any our contact details.

Limited licence - 1 copy for 1 domain or subdomain.
The licence domain can be changed at any time in your personal cabinet for an additional fee.
A second licence for another domain or subdomain can be purchased for 50% of the software price on the day of order.

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