Биржи, криптовалюты и коды


Биржи WEX, EXMO и Livecoin с некоторых пор поддерживают генерацию ваучеров (кодов) для криптовалют.
Теперь можно создавать коды и для криптовалют.
Ранее создание кодов ограничивалось фиатными средствами.
Для работы с кодами криптовалют нужно добавить платежку.
Пример добавления криптовалюты Peercoin для биржи WEX:
Название платежной системы - WEX
Тип системы: Биржа
Название валюты: PPC
Код системы: PPC
Идентификатор: wexppc
API: выберите coupon_wex
Валюта системы: выберите PPC - Peercoin
API Key и API Secret, смотрите документацию: Обмен валют - Настройки платежек - Биржи - Настройки WEX


You can order the program only from your personal cabinet. After Registration go to the tab Order.

The balance is topped up from your personal cabinet. After Registration go to the tab Finance - Top up. Choose a payment system that is convenient for you and top up your balance by following the instructions.

Immediately after ordering and payment the manager starts processing your order. Order processing takes some time (from 20 minutes to 2 hours). You will receive a notification and all necessary data on the system private messages.

The source codes of the exchanger module are 100% open (not related to the program core).
The program core files are partially encrypted (licence check).
The source codes of the payment system processing APIs are 100% open.

Of course we take individual orders.
Describe your wishes in detail in the TOR (Terms of Reference).
The cost of work is determined based on your TOR.
The cost of work is negotiable. We will discuss and agree.
Any questions of individual orders contact any our contact details.

Limited licence - 1 copy for 1 domain or subdomain.
The licence domain can be changed at any time in your personal cabinet for an additional fee.
A second licence for another domain or subdomain can be purchased for 50% of the software price on the day of order.