I want a unique design. Do you draw?


We dont have designers on staff. We dont design or layout.
But we can integrate ready-made layout.
We need to see your ready layout beforehand. All pages in HTML format.
If some page will not be in the layout, it will not be integrated.
Bootstrap styles must be used in the layout.
Integration cost from 350 USD and more, depending on the complexity.
If your layout involves changes in the programme code, the cost will increase significantly.
The layout that involves a complete change of the programme algorithm is not accepted.
In this case, first order individual modification of the programme for your needs.
We integrate only frontend design. 
We do not change the design of memberka and admin area.

Further support
Option 1: We take your site for maintenance.
This option guarantees the integration of your design when updates are released.
Cost +700 USD. Paid once.
Option 2: When updates are released, we update your design files, if the update affects the template files.
The cost is negotiable, depending on the changes in the update. 
Approximately 20~40 USD. Payable each time if the update affects the template files. 

We do not take and will not consider the layout if the clients site is not filled with all content.
based on our experience, at the initial stage of work, some clients do not realise that they have some sections on their website.

Structure limitations
In our software there is a step-by-step structure for making requests.
Step 1 - choosing a referral.
Step 2 - calculator, filling in the fields.
Step 3 - verification.
Step 4 - finalise the exchange.
We will not take on integration with another structure.