I've been ignoring updates. Will you install it?


The longer you ignore installing updates, the harder it is for a support person to help you upgrade to the current version.
We publish information in the news when updates are released and every customer receives a newsletter when an update and/or patch is released.
We do not retain outdated update archives. Maximum of 3 updates.
You will be given free update archives and you install them by yourself.
Installation of outdated versions by our employee is a paid service: 30 USD for each update.

The current version is 9.5. You are using version 9.1.
You will pay 30 USD for installation of version 9.2 update by our employee.
Update on time. You will save money and we will save time.

For your information:
1) You will not be able to install the next update if you ignore the previous one.
There is a version check in the updater.
Reason: there may be files in the archives of previous updates that were not included in the next update.
The files may contain functions, the lack of which will cause the programme to fail.
2) The update archives of subsequent versions do not contain the update files of previous versions.
This would make it extremely difficult to install the update to customers with their own design and/or custom modifications.