About the project

Project Money Top - currency exchange - project AWEBCOM.COM
Work on the project was started in 2008 under the name of Exchange - Emoney auto-exchange.
The program was constantly improved taking into account the wishes of customers and our own ideas.
In 2016 it was decided to move the project to a separate domain and develop it already under the new name Money Top - currency exchange
Money Top program is based on the core of its own development UPORTAL. 
UPORTAL program is registered in FIPS of the Russian Federation under the number 2014660576 and U.S.A Copyright Office under the number TXu 1-918-397.

About UPORTAL program
Programming paradigm - Object-oriented.
Modular system.
Convenience - possibility to create modules formally unrelated to core functions and classes.
In simpler language - you can use your own functions and classes for each module.
Passed testing:
Failure and recovery testing.
Functional testing.
Security testing.
Interaction testing.
Testing of the installation process.
Usability testing.
Configuration testing.
Load testing.
Language variables:
Separate directory. Possibility to add unlimited number of language directories with further switching to any of them.
Own. All HTML files of templates are placed in separate directories, identical by name to the name of modules.
Customizable caching.