We offer to your attention the script of electronic currency exchange

Cost MoneyTop amounts to 2890 USD


Rental available 200 USD / month Longer term - lower price.

Payment API
Payment API


You can use the API to add any payment system with all the exchange types available for that payment.

Exchange rates
Exchange rates


Own CRON. Ability to select the source of rates receipt for each direction.

AEO Commissions
AEO Commissions


Advanced commission settings with the ability to play down on each direction.


Unique request authentication hash. Additional private security algorithms. SSL settings. API data encryption.


Automatic exchange without additional intervention. Receive and send funds automatically.

Exchange rates

Automatically update exchange rates on schedule and in manual mode. Multiple rate sources.

Import and export

Ability to export rates and transactions in xlsx format. Importing rates.

Payment systems

More than 30 payment systems are integrated. Unlimited number of additional ones.

Affiliate program

Multi-level affiliate program with flexible level setting, individual rates and group restrictions.


Extensive user and manager access rights settings.


Regular and cumulative discounts with the ability to add any number of levels.

Competitor rates

Bestchange rate parser to automatically track rate changes of competing exchangers.


Full site and content language switching. Add your own languages. Russian and English are available by default.


Fast page loading, minimal server load, several types of caching.


Graphs of statistics by transactions, their types, destinations, registrations and locations.


Change SEO settings in one click. Automatic substitution of payment system names. CNC for exchange destinations.


The main part of the site, user panel and admin panel are adapted for any screen resolutions and platforms (PCs, tablets and smartphones).


A single design template with multiple colour schemes and multiple homepage types is available.


Easy to learn templating engine that allows you to modify and create your own templates and display any information without modifying php files.


Automatically generate rates file after each change.

Tech Support

Free lifetime technical support and detailed documentation.


Free updates with no time limit. Free installation help.


A huge number of other features not included in the short description.

Welcome, Guest

We invite you to explore the features of the program Money Top.
This is our own development of the e-currency exchanger script.
We have been working on the program since 2008.
The e-currency exchanger is created on the basis of our core UPORTAL. The UPORTAL program is registered in the FIPS of the Russian Federation under the number 2014660576 and U.S.A Copyright Office under the number TXu 1-918-397

The cost of Money Top as of today is 2890.00 USD


Payment is made from the balance. You can top up your balance in this section.


Script rental

Renting the MoneyTop script has become available. Standard price 200 USD per month.

Update 9.5

Added a new home page template. An example of a template can be viewed at demo version. The name of the new template: With form. Combines the first (direction selecting) and second (data entry and amount calculator) exchange steps.