Program Description

This description presents most of the main features of the Money Top program, but not all existing ones, in order to reduce the volume of the description.
Comparison with other exchanger scripts can be viewed here.


Technical support is free and not limited in time.
Updates are free and are released 2-3 times a year with a large amount of changes.
In the basic version of the program the source code is closed for the core, but it is open for the whole currency exchange module, API of payment systems and rate sources, ajax and cron files, templates and language files. You can buy open source codes for an additional fee. Open source codes are purchased once for all your licenses (domains).
The backend code is unique, self-written and does not contain large third-party libraries. The frontend code uses bootstrap and jquery.
Any hosting with php versions 7.4 or 8.1 is sufficient for the software to work.
The license is for one domain (enter when ordering). There is a 50% discount on the purchase of additional licenses.
You can find the list of additional, paid services here.

Before purchasing our software, you must have a domain purchased, to which you will link the license during ordering.
To place an order, you must register and deposit an amount corresponding to the amount of your order.
We can install our program on your hosting for free, for this you must purchase it in advance and specify all hosting data when placing an order. 
Or you can install it yourself, you will receive an archive with files and instructions after processing the order.

Currency exchange
Exchange is done in 4 steps: selecting a destination, filling in the form (amount, invoice and other information), confirmation, payment.
There are 4 types of exchange available (more details):
automatic - fully automated process, no operator intervention required.
semi-automatic - currency acceptance is automatic, but the operator makes the payment manually.
operator processing - the user receives only the details for payment, the rest is processed by the operator.
invoicing - the user creates an invoice that can be shared with others.
At the moment APIs of 40 payment systems are bound to the program + you can create additional payment systems (more details).
29 sources of currency rates (banks and stocks) are bound to the program for their automatic updating (more details).
Wide customization of commissions: commission by direction, min and max commissions, PS commission, fixed and percentage (more details).
Auto-update rates from the specified source, individually for each direction.
Competitors' rates from BestChange site - you can link the course of any selected competitor's site to your course for each direction (more details).

Notifications in Telegram for any events on the site, the ability to disable unnecessary (more details).
Import and export of direction settings (rates, commissions, etc.) to Excel, export of transactions and reserves of payment systems.
A variety of statistical graphs.
Technical support for your users on the site through the ticket system (more details).
Creation of managers (operators) with access settings for each of them individually (more details).

Partner program with different levels of partners, different % depending on your commission and the ability to set individual affiliate % (more details).
Regular and accumulative discounts with any number of levels (more details).
User groups with different access settings (more details).
Verification of users by address, name, phone number; verification of accounts and card numbers (more details).
User feedback - a block on the main page with the latest reviews and a separate page with the full list (more details).
User balance on the site is a full-fledged payment system.
Deposits - a monetary pledge of the user's honesty and trust in him (more details).

Encryption of API data (secret keys, passwords) that you enter in the admin panel.
Unique admin panel login link - you can change it yourself.
Two-factor authentication of admin panel login.
IP confirmation for admin panel access.
There are no automatic click payouts in the admin panel. Getting access to your accounts through the admin panel is virtually impossible.
Lots of background security: transaction hash, ajax access key, additional hash signature of callback file requests, etc. (more details).

Telegram bots
Telegram is a messenger that allows you to correspond on different devices.
Bots - applications in Telegram that allow you to use some of the functionality of the site without visiting it.
Two bots are available: for users and for managers (demo versions are available at the links).
Description of bot functions can be found here.

Automatic trading on the stock exchange
The function allows you to store funds in one cryptocurrency and conduct exchanges in other currencies without having a balance in these currencies (more details).
Two types of transactions are available:
Sell - sells the funds received during the exchange.
Buy - buys currency necessary for the exchange.
Available exchange APIs: Binance and WhiteBit.

Your payment system
User Balance is a full-fledged payment system.
You can add additional currencies to User Balance, their number is not limited.
Balance can be used as a payment system when exchanging currencies. Exchange from balance to another payment system or vice versa.
External API is available for balance to realize exchanges on third-party sites through your service (more details).
Available API operations:
Invoice - invoicing operation. The user receives a link to pay the generated invoice.
Callback - Invoice payment notification function. Sends the details of the paid invoice to the url specified when the invoice was created.
Withdraw - disbursement operation. Automatically transfers from the user's balance to the specified details.
Details - operation to get transaction or invoice details.
Balances - operation on receiving current balances of the user.
Ticker - public operation (does not require API keys), which provides rates for all active directions in json format.
Code create - operation of code creation.
Code apply - operation of code redemption.
Code get - operation to get code details.
Your API documentation automatically substitutes addresses to your API and payment system codes (Demo documentation).

Additional modules
News - news of your site (more details).
Help - questions and answers (more details).
Investments - possibility to create investment plans with any profitability and any minimum deposit amount (more details).
Announcements - important short messages displayed on the main page (more details).
Exchange rates - informational plugin of current exchange rates in banks (more details).
Multilanguage - full support of Russian, English and Ukrainian languages, possibility of language switching by users, adding information for each language, adding new languages (more details).
Monitoring - xml file for monitoring is updated every time rates or reserves are changed (more details).
Cron - internal system of scheduled tasks execution, works in the background and does not affect page loading speed (more details).
SEO - extensive customization of title, keywords and description of different pages of the exchange and other settings (more details).
The website template is based on bootstrap and is adapted for any devices. The templateizer is like a simplified php code.
A lot of caching settings, to lighten the load on the server (more details).
PWA support - caching frontend files and generating mobile app.